Frequently Asked Questions

How can I login to my ‘Merchant Panel’?

To enter the Merchant Panel, you must click Merchant Login under the ‘Merchant’ heading in the bottom of the Lootbargain’s homepage. Enter your username and password in the Merchant Login Page to proceed further

How can we post our products?

Before posting products/coupons, you must register a merchant account and add at least one store. To post products, you have to follow these steps:

Step1: Log into your ‘Merchant Account Center’ (MAC) and click ‘My Products’ to view the list of your existing products/coupons or to add new ones.

Step2: Click ‘Add Products’ and add the required details. Refer to the following snapshot:

  1. Store – Select the store for which you want to post your products.
  2. Percentages on Sale (Commission) - We get paid between 10% and 50% of the Product Price for the items sold by Lootbargain, directly to the users. While the minimum limit is 10%, it may be negotiated later with us.

How can we post our Premium Coupons?

Before posting products/coupons, you must register a merchant account and add at least one store. To post products, you have to follow these steps:

Step1:Log into your ‘Merchant Account Center’ (MAC) and click ‘My Products’ to view the list of your existing products/coupons or to add new ones.

Buy Now, Pay Late (Commission): The Premium Coupons are generally offered for free or at a nominal cost to the customers. The remaining amount of the goods/services is paid by the buyer directly to you at the time of purchase.

Presently, we have made all the coupons free for the customers to promote their sales. We are not charging anything from you for promoting your deals for free for the existing coupons. However, we will charge a nominal amount as fees from you as depicted in the following table:

Coverage Monthly Charges (INR) Quarterly Charges (INR) Six Monthly Charges(INR)
City/ State Rs. 250 Rs. 750 Rs. 1500
Country Rs. 500 Rs. 1500 Rs. 3000

Note: However, these charges are not applicable on the Classified Deals.

Do have any other option for posting my deals other than the Premium Coupons?

Yes, you may go for the Classified Deals, which is a free of cost facility on Lootbargain. Classified Deals allow you to post discount deals for your services in form of a classified ad on the space provided by our website. However, doesn’t hold any liability for the authenticity of these classified deals. Moreover, they will not get the same promotional benefits as enjoyed by the premium coupons.

How can we register our stores?

To register your store, first login in to your merchant account and visit the following link:

  2. Click the ‘My Stores’ icon:
  3. You can register two types of stores:

    Retail Outlet:
    If you run a store where you provide goods and/or services in person, you should register your business under this type. If you have multiple branches under the same business, please register your business as one store and mention your head-office’s address there. The common examples of such stores include Restaurant, Spa, Boutique and Cleaning Services etc. Other stores like ‘Big Bazaar’ who have multiple locations shall also register under this type.
    A ‘Retail Outlet’ will be verified by team only. You must provide all the requested documents when you register your Store.

    Online Store:
    A business which sells goods and services online on the Internet should register here under this category. A good example will be, etc.
    An ‘Online Store’ can be verified by merchants who have access to the website’s control panel. Please follow the instructions to add and verify your online stores.

Can I add my domain name under the Retail Store?

Yes, you can either Add and verify your Domain within a Retail Store Outlet or you can add an Online Store as per the nature of your business.

I have added and verified an Online Store but I cannot add my products yet. Why?

This happens because of one of the following reasons:

  1. After verification, you must fill the detail page for your store and provide all the required information and documents.
  2. You must select at least one of the available brands or ‘Publish your store as a brand’ to post coupons.

I have more than one business. Should I register more than one merchant account?

No. You can register more than one business with a single account only. At the moment, you can add up to three (3) stores in your merchant account.

I have a retail outlet and also a website for selling goods and services. What type of store should I register?

You should register two stores – One ‘Retail Outlet’ and another ‘Online Store.’

I have more than one branch of my retail outlet. Should I register all my branches?

No. If you’re running your business at multiple locations under same business name, then we highly recommend to register only one store for all of them and put your head-office (or main branch) location and contact details for your store.

How can I verify my Online Store?

You can verify your online store using either one of the following two methods:

Verify with Meta Tag To verify your store, place the auto-generated code either on your homepage in a meta tag, your page keywords, your page description or your page title. (Or even in the text on your homepage). This code can be removed after verification. Once you do that click the ‘Verify Now’ button.

Verify with File To verify your store for this method, follow these steps:

  1. Download the file: Lootbargain-Verify-File.txt, an auto generated file with meta-tag text.
  2. Upload this file to (Domain name) such that following link works.
  3. Click "Verify Now" button once you are done with that.

How my Retail Outlet store gets verified by

Your Retail Outlet store gets manually verified by our administration team. Our staff will verify the documents and the details you provided for your store and will verify the details via phone, internet, and other services. Once satisfied, we mark your store ‘verified’. However, we begin with the verification process after you provide us the requested information and will send you a confirmation mail once the task is done.

How can I view my sales details?

To view your sales details, you first need to log in to your Merchant Account. Then click “My Products’ and choose the ‘Sales Details’ tab on the upper right side.

Then select the store ‘’ from the right side dropdown to reach the details page. Here click the ‘Sale Detail’ button of the respective product.

How do I mark my products as delivered on Lootbargain?

Simply go to the Sales Detail Page (as explained in the previous question) and select the Start Date and End Date to define your search. Now click the ‘To Be Delivered’ icon to mark your product as delivered.

How can I close or delete my products/ coupons?

You can do so by visiting ’My Products’ page in your Merchant Account Center. Select the store for which you want to close or delete your coupons.

You can delete the products, which are listed under ‘Draft’ whereas you can only close those for which you have already sent ‘Deal Request’. These coupons can be found under ‘Live Deals’, ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Pending Approval’. However, you cannot close or delete any products listed under ‘Expired’. However, you cannot delete a product after it is being sold.

How can view my live/expired coupons or products?

I have sent the Deal Request which has not been approved yet. How long does it take to get a Deal Request approved?

Since we try to administer as many deals as possible, it may take anywhere from 1-3 working days to approve your Deal Request

How long does it take to get a store verified?

Online Stores can be verified by the merchant themselves. Once added, the merchant must verify their Online Store within 24 hours otherwise they will be required to add them again. The ‘Retail Outlet’ generally takes 1 to 3 business days to get verified by our staff.

After editing my store details, its status changed to 'unverified'. Why?

Once you edit your store details we need to re-verify that your new details are accurate and correct. We need to do this to maintain our website’s integrity and accuracy.

How can I redeem sale of my coupons?

Coupons- To redeem your sale you must enter ‘Redeem Code’ for each coupon presented to you by our consumers. ‘Redeem Code’ code is available only the customers copy and you must match Voucher Code with Redeem Code to redeem your sale. After thirty days of coupon expiry we will send you the check for the redeemed amount.

When will I receive the money for my sale of my products at

We make fortnightly payments for the products sold. The due payment is dispatched on the 15th and 30th of every month as per the following procedure:

  1. Amount due for the first half of a month (1st to 15th) is made on the 30th of that month.
  2. Amount due for the second half of a month (15th to 30th) is made on 15th of the next month.

We send you the cheque via mail on your store address. It is your responsibility to make sure that you have entered the correct address and store name in your store accounts.


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